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An actual all-terrain clog? Yeah, we did that. Our new Mountain Clog has you covered all year long.

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Bedrock Mountain Clog Relaunch


Bedrock Mountain Clogs have landed safely in our Montana warehouse and are just about ready to relaunch as we enter the sandal off-season (If there is such a thing.) 


In February of this year we launched our first closed-toe design, the Mountain Clog to overwhelming success. We sold out of the lion's share of stock within weeks and exceeded even our highest expectations for an all new type of clog from our homegrown sandal brand.


Gray Synthetic Mountain Clog with Rocks Bedrock

We designed and marketed them as ‘shoes-for-sandal people’ or ‘shoes for the sandal off-season’ but learned people want these no matter the season and regardless of their sandal persuasion. 


Mountain Clog


We've been working tirelessly ever since to expand production capabilities and get these back in stock before the leaves officially started falling. This was the plan of course, before LA shoe thieves intercepted our entire truckload of Mountain Clogs for the restock and began distributing them illegally. We've done our best to squash those stolen clog sales with the help of our amazing and vigilant customers and are thrilled to again be relaunching with our next shipment of Mountain Clogs this Tuesday 10/24/23.



The Mountain Clogs come in Nubuck Brown Leather, Synthetic Gray Suede, and an all new Sagebrush Leather Suede


Sagebrush Clog with Box 

For more information on the clogs read below or check out this post we previously published about the design and development process.



Bedrock Mountain Clogs were born at the crossroads of cool-weather comfort and adventure, we poured all our best sandal DNA into these first-ever closed-toed schist kickers. We’re talkin’ sturdy uppers, grippy Vibram® outsoles, and our extra-secure strap system that can take you through all types of terrain.



We also preserved a zero-drop profile for an agile, grounded feel, and gave our clog a cushy footbed for all day comfort. When the temps start to dip, the wide toe box also fits your favorite pair of warm socks. Built for bikepacking, hoofing it up a trail, or just kicking around camp, Bedrock Mountain Clogs are  your new favorite piece of footwear - all year round. 


2 Responses

Alex Wertenstein

Alex Wertenstein

October 24, 2023

Would like to buy a pair of mountain clogs

Eric Rabe

Eric Rabe

October 24, 2023

Awesome! Glad to hear they made it this time and not JACKED lol.

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