How long does it take to receive my sandals?

Bedrock Sandals are all uniquely made to order. Once you place your order on our website we will begin building your Bedrock Sandals for you. The building process can take anywhere between 2-5 business day to complete. Once we finish building your sandals it will take 2-3 days to ship by USPS Priority Mail (USA orders), and up to 7 days to ship International Orders via DHL.

Bedrock Sandals Europe 

Bedrock Sandals are now available through our European distributor with discounted shipping and no duties. If you live in Europe, please order through Bedrock Sandals EU!

How long will my Bedrock Cairns last (durability)?

Our Cairn Vibram® Soles and Corded Toe Strap Plugs typically last between 500 and sometimes over 1,000 miles.  After heavy wear pull out the toe strap plug beneath the sandal to clean any sand and dirt that may be stuck underneath as this will increase plug durability. If a toe strap plug appears to be worn very thin while the sole still has life left, we can replace it on your sandal. 

Tell me about Bedrock's Rock Solid Warranty!

Bedrock Sandals come with our Rock Solid Warranty for the lifetime of their Vibram® Soles. Our Warranty covers all sandals with atleast 1mm of Vibram® Sole material remaining below the balls of your feet. If your sandal sole or straps break during this time we will either repair or replace them for free and cover the cost of shipping both ways (USA).  We can offer such an strong warranty because we build all our sandals to the highest quality standards with the highest grade of materials.

Submit warranty claims to us at support@bedrocksandals.com. We kindly ask that you clean your sandals before sending them in for repair.

How do I adjust my Bedrocks!?

Check out our Adjustment Guide to learn more about how to adjust Bedrock Sandals Straps. 

How do I take care of my sandals?

Follow these instructions to take care of your Bedrocks and maximize their life-span:

1. Keep out of hot cars and out of the sun in hot climates! Bedrock Sandals Vibram® expanded rubber soles can shrink if exposed to very hot temperatures (typically 120+). Our sandals can bend upwards in these super hot environments. They will bend back to normal once out of the extreme heat environment. 

2. Clean your Bedrock Footbed when necessary. Please wash by hand with soap and water whenever needed. Bedrock Sandals are great to wear in the shower and be cleaned easily that way. DO NOT put your Bedrock Sandals in the washing or drying machine! The hot water could damage the footbed, midsole, adhesive cement, and outsole.

Do you still make custom sandals?

Yes! We are still making our 1.0 sandals custom to your unique foot for an ultra-barefoot experience. Check out the Custom Sandals page and follow the steps to create your custom order. 


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