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An actual all-terrain clog? Yeah, we did that. Our new Mountain Clog has you covered all year long.

Whitewater? Mud? Meet your sole mate, the new Cairn Evo PRO line.

From trail to town, the new Cairn Evo is the modern adventure sandal.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

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Walking in Leather Mountain Clogs

Mountain Clog - Frequently Asked Questions

Nubuck Leather: The Leather clog features an unlined, one-piece oiled Nubuck Ecco® Leather tanned with Dri-Tan water savings technology. The leather upper can get wet and dries relatively quickly, however, the Nubuck leather can show natural marks more easily from dirt + water than the synthetic. The Nubuck leather also may have natural imperfections. Compared to the synthetic version the leather has a slightly longer break-in time until the upper forms to your foot, is slightly stiffer, and it will also age / wear in more gracefully and is extremely durable.

Leather Suede: The Leather Suede model upper features a durable leather suede lined with a comfy polyester spacer mesh. The leather suede upper can get wet and will dry relatively quickly, and the spacer mesh lining can act as a vapor barrier similar to an athletic shoe. The leather suede is not oiled. Compared to the synthetic suede version the leather suede has similar break in time, flexibility, and it will age / wear more gracefully. The leather suede is more durable than synthetic suede.

Synthetic Suede: The synthetic upper features a Clarino® microfiber upper lined with a comfy polyester spacer mesh. The synthetic upper can get wet and will dry relatively quickly, and the spacer mesh lining can act as a vapor barrier similar to an athletic shoe. Compared to the leather version the synthetic has less break in time, is more flexible, will not stain as easily, yet it will not age / wear in as gracefully and will develop more flex creases.

Bedrock clog sizing runs small compared to both Bedrock Evo Sandal and standard US sizing. Please checkout our Clog Sizing Page to find your Bedrock size.

All Bedrock Footwear comes with our Rock Solid Warranty for the lifetime of their Vibram® Soles. Our Warranty covers all footwear with at least 1mm of Vibram® Sole material remaining below the balls of your feet. If your Clog sole or upper breaks during this time we will either repair or replace them for free and cover the cost of shipping both ways (USA). Repaired upper may include sewn patches if necessary. We kindly ask that you clean your footwear before sending them in for repair.

We can offer such an strong warranty because we build all our footwear to the highest quality standards with the highest grade of materials.

Submit warranty claims to us at support@bedrocksandals.com. We kindly ask that you clean your sandals before sending them in for repair.

While the Mountain Clogs are designed for the cooler sandal off-season, they aren't heavily insulated and can work fine in warmer temps especially when worn with socks to avoid foot sweating. They can handle temps around freezing and up to 70's - for hot summer type weather we recommend wearing our sandals for better ventilation.


  • To keep your oiled leather clogs clean we recommend using a brush for general care. A suede brush or toothbrush works great. To clean/care for the outsole you can use a stiff bristled brush and a natural soap.
  • For liquid stains you can use raw rubber or an eraser to buff the stain out. You can also dilute distilled white vinegar and spot treat as needed with a soft cloth or brush. Let them dry completely at room temperature and repeat spot treatment as needed. 
  • To increase the longevity of your leather clogs you can store them in a breathable fabric bag during seasons they are not in use. 
  • Leather can be oiled every 6 months to prolong life. Perhaps more often with heavy use. 


  • To keep your synthetic clogs clean we recommend using a soft bristled brush or suede brush on the dry uppers to brush out dirt and debris. We recommend brushing softly to avoid pilling on the upper. To clean/care for the outsole you can use a stiff bristled brush and a natural soap.
  • For liquid stains we recommend using diluted distilled white vinegar and a soft cloth to spot treat. Allow the cleaned area to dry completely at room temperature and repeat as needed.
  • You can wash your synthetic clogs on delicate cycle in the washing machine with your favorite natural detergent and allow them to dry at room temperature. Additional cleaning of outsoles with a stiff brush and natural soap works best.

Our Mountain Clog Vibram® Soles typically last between 500 and 700+ miles. Typically the clog upper will last beyond the lifespan of the sole. We gladly resole Bedrock Mountain Clogs through our Re-Soul Program.

If any component on your Bedrocks fails while there's still life left in the Vibram® Soles, we offer either free or reasonably priced repairs!

Both our leather and synthetic styles can get wet, however, they aren't designed to be used as a river or water shoe. The Mountain clog handles puddles or occasional creek crossings just fine. The oiled leather model may show some natural looking discoloration once dried - this is to be expected and the leather can be continuously cleaned / oiled for maintenance.

Our Mountain Clogs are resolable in Missoula, MT under our Re-soul program. Compared to our sandals, the mountain clog resole differs in that it is a more traditonal outsole resole. Please do not wear past 1mm of rubber material on all areas of the rubber sole so the clog can be resoled.

Check out our Adjustment Guide to learn more about how to adjust your Bedrock Mountain Clogs.

We are happy to help you exchange or return your Mountain Clogs. Please follow our exchange / return guide

Our Mountain Clogs are made in South Korea by a small family owned factory.

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