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An actual all-terrain clog? Yeah, we did that. Our new Mountain Clog has you covered all year long.

Whitewater? Mud? Meet your sole mate, the new Cairn Evo PRO line.

From trail to town, the new Cairn Evo is the modern adventure sandal.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

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Bedrock SS24 Launch

Bedrocks new Cairn Evo Sandal line launches 2/13/24. Read below to learn more about the exciting upgrades to our Cairn products + a new model, colors, Mountain Clog and more dropping. 

When we first designed our Bedrock Cairn line of sandals, it was a major step forward. Better performing and way more solid than our early editions, they quickly became the gold standard among freedom footwear. We’ve made tweaks along the way, but after tens of thousands of miles trekking, rafting, and biking in Cairns, our flagship sandals are getting a proper upgrade for SS24 with the new Cairn Evo line—an evolution in both fit and function. Checkout this post for a more detailed overview of new Cairn Evo line changes.


GIF showing someone walking on rocks with Bedrock Sandals.

From the ground up, Cairn Evo and Evo PRO sandals are more durable and grippy than ever. The Cairn Evo line gets a traction boost with outsoles made from Vibram’s new XS TREK EVO compound, giving you more stability on loose rock, water, and even snow (split toe-sock time?).


Cairn Evo PRO models continue to utilize Vibram®'s most technical, river-ready rubber compound, Megagrip. Now in an updated darker gray color. 


Our patented sole-hugger wings now feature a stitch box that buries threads and keeps them from abrasion.


The toe-triangle on our 3D models have been mellowed-out for more comfort.

 And we’ve redrawn the top-down profile of the original Cairn, adjusting the toe swing to accommodate a wider range of feet.


All Cairn Evo Line sandals now also match US-standard sizing for a familiar, predictable fit. Read more about EVO sizing here


Based on countless customer requests, we’ve also added a new edition to the lineup: the Cairn Evo C (C for Cushion).


Kicking the cushion up a few notches, the Cairn Evo C is built around a thicker, padded footbed. Ideal for lake lounging, long jogs, or all-day city strolls, these are the cozy-sweater siblings of our full Cairn line, with the same rugged DNA. 


Cairn Evo is available in five models along with a host of fresh colorways including River Mosaic, Block Landscape, Clay, and Slate Blue (availability varies between models.)


Dropping alongside our new Evo line is a brand new colorway for our popular Mountain Clogs, Desert Clay in Suede Leather - sure to be a new favorite among capable clog enthusiasts.


 And last but not least Bedrock's SS24 drop includes a new colorway of our Classic LT's in Silt Green and Bedrock x Injinji split-toe mini crew socks in Heathered Cactus.


We hope you have a fun-filled sandal season ahead! #Bedrockershavemorefun


5 Responses



February 09, 2024

Super stoked to try the cushioned model! I’m not a huge fan of running shoes. Love sandals. These should be great.

Matthew Kristiansen

Matthew Kristiansen

February 09, 2024

Can’t wait for the wider footbed as I’m right on the edge in my true-to-size US 11 for the original Cairn 3D model. I will probably snag another 3D model in that camo colorway! My original Black 3D Cairns are close to needing a resoul (after 5 years and thousands of miles!) – would I be able to get them done with the new cushioned sole? I like the normal sole bed but that could be really nice on longer concrete days, especially if I grab the newer 3D EVO model. Very excited and love what y’all do. Thanks!



February 09, 2024

The Evo C looks great for me; I realize having strong arches are better and I do my due diligence to strengthen them through minimalist footwear, however at my age and having spent 25+ years standing and walking long hours on hardened industrial concrete floors (in safety toe shoes nonetheless!) combined with some osteoarthritis, sometimes having some cushioning on my feet is a really really nice thing. Thanks for the consideration for people like me!



February 09, 2024

Love to see all the upgrades and revisions over the years. I started with some OG Cairns in 2016. I’ve had them resoled / repaired 3 times now, still rocking one of the original colors but now with a 3D footbed and Pro heel strap. I know these sandals will follow me to the grave. I’m curious if these upgrades will be available as retrofits when it’s time to send them in again for a resole / repair. Keep bedrocking the free world! Thanks all.



February 09, 2024

Ive had just about every model you have ever made. I swear I was one of your first 100 customers, the wider cut has been a dream for a while. Which model has the strongest tread for bikepacking on spiky pedals.

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