Short Film: Journey along the Te Araroa Trail

July 07, 2017 2 Comments

Short Film: Journey along the Te Araroa Trail

Since Bedrock began in 2011, Naresh Kumar has logged thousands of miles in our sandals on his human-powered adventures around the world. 

In 2014, Naresh and Dan Opz (Bedrock Co-Founder) hiked, ran, rafted, and biked the length of New Zealand along the Te Araroa Trail. Along the the trail, Dan filmed Naresh with a lightweight Sony camera, using his trekking pole as a makeshift tripod.

A year later, while dirtbaggin' through the South Island, Naresh met a German film student Linus Herbig-Matten who was so inspired by his story that he took Dan's footage and created a short film. We are excited to finally release Naresh's story here along with the footage we captured on our hike through New Zealand. 

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Linus Herbig-Matten

The amazing people of New Zealand!


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Thank You
Thank You

July 25, 2017

Very nice video, Thank You for sharing. Naresh Kumar keep at it.

Ki Jinn Chin
Ki Jinn Chin

July 25, 2017

My congrats to Naresh – he really is living the dream! I was amazed to see that he wore Bedrocks through such varied terrain.
I too have worn my Bedrocks through snow, swamps, and rocky mountains, and love the freedom they afford. However over longer periods I have found that I will suffer from (1) cracked heels and (2) abrasions between the 1st and 2nd toe, because the cord tends to attract fine debris, especially when wet, that can have a sandpaper type effect. Does Naresh have any tips on foot care when wearing Bedrocks to minimize these and similar issues?

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