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An actual all-terrain clog? Yeah, we did that. Our new Mountain Clog has you covered all year long.

Whitewater? Mud? Meet your sole mate, the new Cairn Evo PRO line.

From trail to town, the new Cairn Evo is the modern adventure sandal.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

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Cairn 2.0 R&D

Bedrock Co-Founder Dan Opz writes about the design and testing process behind our new 2nd generation line of Cairn Sandals.We cannot wait to finally launch our new generation on March 1st at 10 AM Pacific Time. Subscribe to our email list and social media for a special launch deal!

Since Nick and I made those first pairs of Bedrocks in a cabin along California's Lost Coast (2011), we have been on a constant mission to refine, evolve, and build the ultimate footwear for ourselves and our customers. 

Over the past two years we have taken our own experiences combined with our customer feedback to develop a second generation of Cairn Sandals. One thats even closer to our goals of creating the most freedom-inducing and dirtbagproof sandals ever made. This process involved in-depth design work with our core team at Bedrock as well as with our world renowned component suppliers.

In early 2017, we created the first generation samples of our new cairn line to field test over the year. We outfitted ourselves and our ambassadors with prototypes. In addition to everyday wear + tear, we wanted to see what a pair would look like after a PCT and PNT thru hike, a season of river guiding in the Sierra, and after a bike tour along the West Coast. 

In addition to river excursions in Northern California and Montana, I aimed to test our new Cairn sandal by-bike along the west coast of Oregon and California. With only Bedrocks on my feet, I pedaled southbound along the scenic coastal route 1, jumping in the water and riding my surf mat at every opportunity. I found our new footbed option to excel on longer distance adventures such as this. I felt more comfort and security while still maintaining that Bedrock freedom-feel I love while pedaling. 

Mid-summer we went back to the drawing board for final design changes. We discussed our experiences, analyzed worn sandals, and came up with ideas to add comfort, performance, and durability to the new cairn line.

From concept to details, every material, component, and manufacturing process matters greatly to our sandals. This fall, Nick and I, visited one of our webbing mills in New England which has been in operation since the 1800’s and creates our raw strap materials. Next we travelled over to Vibram’s world-class facilities in Guangdong, China to visit their factory, R&D center, and oversaw production of some of our new Cairn soling. 

In our California HQ - Fort Bedrock - we refined our assembly processes, invested in new machines, and made our sewing stitches more accurate and less abrasive in skin sensitive areas. 

We cannot wait to finally launch our new generation of cairn sandals on March 1st at 10 AM Pacific Time. Subscribe to our email list and social media for a special launch deal!

We will have two different Cairn footbeds available in our second generation line. New for 2018 will be our heavier duty Cairn 3D model - built for big adventure and everyday support. Our entire second generation Cairn line will come with a long list of awesome upgrades!


5 Responses

Wayne Rose

Wayne Rose

March 27, 2018

Must say, that Bedrock Carin’s are the most comfortable all terrain sandals on the market today. I wore Teva’s for years and sandals of the same basic design. But in sand and mud they became very abrasive on my feet and needed to be rinsed in I the nearest stream. Now these “Bedrock’s “ , no such problem. There design allows debris to flow out and your foot grips the footbed “Sweet “. I run road and trail marathon and you can’t get a lighter trail sandal with this type of performance and comfort for the trail.
My road shoes (Altras) are zero drop.
So Bedrock’s are a natural feel for me
These are also my everyday go to’s ,House shoes to run around town (if it’s above 45-50 degrees) . At 59 I must say your legs and feet get stronger going minimalist with Bedrock comfort!
Just ordered the Carin 3D Pros can’t wait to put them through ringer!!



February 28, 2018

I took am interested if my 1st Gen Cairn could be converted to a Carin 3D.

Brad Adams

Brad Adams

February 27, 2018

I absolutely love my 1st Gen. Carins! I’ve used them on numerous bike tours and bike packing trips through the SW desert and beyond. I cannot believe how tough the Vibram sole is (especially when pedaling on some serious downhill MTB pedals)! My favorite bit of the adventure sandals is how they’ve strengthened my feet to be more like that of our ancestors. I look forward to future foot trips where I get to really put my Carins to the ultimate test. Possibly the JMT early Spring 2018?!

I am so down to support a small business whose main goal is to supply the world with the best product possible! Kudos to Bedrock for rocking in the free world with a minimalist shoe built for adventure and life!



February 27, 2018

Will I still be able to send my 1st gen Cairn’s in and have them re-soul(ed) once the v 2.0 comes out?



February 26, 2018

I hear terms like support and cringe. Arch support, or lack thereof, is why I like my Cairns. The problem with arch support is that for those with high arches, it does nothing, while for those with low arches, it’s intolerable. The reason I can’t wear Chacos is that I find the arch support intolerable. I hope that there will be a version with a flat foot bed when the time comes to replace my Cairns …

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