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An actual all-terrain clog? Yeah, we did that. Our new Mountain Clog has you covered all year long.

Whitewater? Mud? Meet your sole mate, the new Cairn Evo PRO line.

From trail to town, the new Cairn Evo is the modern adventure sandal.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

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Bedrock Re-soul & Repair Program

Since we started in 2011, repair and reuse has been an important part of the Bedrock ethos. We love getting customers well-worn pairs into the shop, fixing them up, and sending them back out for years of more adventure. 

We put every new design through our rigorous field testing with the ultimate goal of creating the most durable + repairable sandals available for ourselves and our customers. 

Sandal in the repair process

Nearing our 10 year anniversary mark, we are excited to double down in our commitment to our repair and resoul programs. Through this program we hope to continually spread the word of investing in high quality and repairable products. Less sandals in landfills and more miles on the trail, river, and everywhere else.

Through our Re-Soul & Repair program, Bedrock customers can get everything from a repair of a dog chewed strap to a Re-Soul of a well worn pair of sandals to give them a second life.


Re-Soul Price Lowered

The Bedrock Re-Soul gives a well worn pair of sandals a brand new sole unit (Footbed + Outsole). Combined with your well loved and comfy straps, you’ll get a pair that’s even better than new.

In order to make Bedrock Re-Souls more accessible, and to motivate customers to Re-Soul over buying a brand new pair we have lowered the price from $65 to $55. Learn more on our Re-Soul & Repair page.


Person working on sewing machine to repair sandals


Featuring the Bedrock Re-Soul hangtag
Pair of copper Bedrock Sandals after re-soul
"Thanks for getting a Re-soul" sticker

Heel-Hook Strap Conversions

In 2020 we launched our new heel-hook strap on our Pro II models. The new heel-hook strap offers adjustability with whitewater grade durability. We’ve had customers requesting to get the new heel-hook strap on their old pair of Bedrocks and are excited to now offer this service in our Re-soul & Repair Program


Beginning of heel re-strap process on pair of coyote tan sandals
Heel strap removal and conversion from Velcro system to Heel-Hook system
Assembling Heel-hook strap system
Finished pair of re-strapped heel-hook sandals
Comparison of Velcro vs. Heel-Hook heel strap

2 Responses

Jason Snell

Jason Snell

July 13, 2021

Just wondering what the turn around time is for a resole job. I don’t want to be without my Bedrocks for long. Might have to wait until the snow flies!

Nick Shackelford

Nick Shackelford

July 13, 2021

Dog chewed through front toe thong loop.

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