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Bedrock Sandals in Core Brick & Mortar!

  • 4 min read

Over the past six years we’ve sold Bedrocks almost exclusively online, growing alongside our enthusiastic and grassroots customer base. We’ve connected with our customers on trails, through social media, and at the various shops we’ve built Bedrocks in. Throughout this time our designs have experienced serious upgrades, based off our needs, and customer and ambassador feedback. We’ve come a long way since the launch of our Kickstarter in 2011. What was once a piece of Vibram® rubber with webbing and a buckle has steadily evolved into the most adventure-ready and capable sandal on the outdoor market. With the launch of our Cairn sandal last summer, backed by the stoke and raving reviews of thousands of customers and outdoor industry professionals, we’re excited to be expanding Bedrock in the speciality retail space.

We’ve spent countless hours since August pursuing relationships with the more core brick & mortar shops in the US. We’ve taken suggestions from customers, coupled with our own research, to find the spots that are going to represent Bedrocks well and get our Cairns onto the feet of more people looking to go farther and freer than in traditional sport sandals. We’re super excited and proud to have our Cairns in the retail space this year and are happy to support local businesses run by folks like ourselves, who at the end of the day, are trying to blend the lines of work and play, leaving little distinction between the two.

Below we’ll highlight a few of the twenty plus stores we’ll be in this Spring. These are rad stores with a focus on outdoor recreation, community, conservation, and getting you into Bedrocks locally. Additionally, you find the rest of our excellent dealers here as they receive sandals!

Pack and Paddle - Lafayette, Louisiana

Around since the early 70’s, Pack and Paddle has grown from a backyard canoe operation to a 6,000 square foot retail shop specializing in rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, fly fishing, family camping and a lot more. Pack & Paddle continues to thrive in a competitive outdoor retail market thanks to their commitment to being more than a store. Pack & Paddle is the spot to get sound information for all your gear needs as well a resource for local forests, swamps, marshes and streams that make Louisiana a unique and special place for outdoor enthusiasts. packpaddle.com

Mountain Sports - Chico, California

Where the Sierra Nevada meet the Cascades, Mountain Sports has been outfitting outdoor enthusiasts since 1975. Located in Downtown Chico, Mountain Sports continues to provide the best in customer service, premium product selection, and competitive pricing. With a passionate and experienced staff, Mountain Sports can help you get geared up for your next adventure with confidence. Plus they have the coolest logo around, a drawing doodled up way back when by the owner of the book shop next door! Visit them at: http://chicomountainsports.com/

Taos Mountain Outfitters - Taos, New Mexico.

Taos Mountain Outfitter’s history dates back to 1969. They were the first store in New Mexico to start carrying product from Chouinard Equipment, whose name later changed to Patagonia. They are also the first store in beautiful New Mexico to carry Bedrocks, which we think is pretty rad. Taos Mountain Outfitter’s current shop location is a combination of TMO and The Good Sole, which was once the largest shoe in Taos. Altogether, Bill and his staff have the footwear and outdoor knowledge to get your set up in the right size rocks. http://taosmountainoutfitters.com/

Ozark Outdoor Supply -Little Rock, Arkansas

First opening it’s doors in 1972, Ozark Outdoor Supply is a small, quaint outdoor speciality shop located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Serving the Ozarks for over forty years their philosophy hasn’t changed: to provide you (customers) with the products, services and knowledge to help you get the most out of all your outdoor adventures. The Ozarks are a place for sandal wearers and a lot of Bedrockers. We’re stoked for Ozark Outdoor Supply to be a hub for grabbing them locally. Ozark Outdoor Supply goes by the mantra “We don’t just sell outdoor gear…we use it.” http://ozarkoutdoor.com/

The Mountain Air - San Luis Obispo

Founded in 1975, The Mountain Air, has long been a fixture on the Central Coast of California for decades. Located in historic downtown San Luis Obispo, The Mountain Air specializes in hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and are members of the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. Believing in service, selection and community first they are the spot you’ll want to grab your Bedrocks if you’re hanging along the Central Coast. http://themountainair.com/

Peace Surplus- Flagstaff, Arizona

Since 1973, Peace Surplus has been outfitting Arizonians for outdoor activity. First with military surplus and later evolving into a full-service outdoor, camping, hiking, and backpacking store. Peace Surplus acts as a hub for the Flagstaff community with their summer and winter rental program, full-service ski shop, and knowledgeable staff. Voted “Best in Flag” Outdoor Store since 2005 by the People of Flagstaff, AZ. Check them out! http://www.peacesurplus.com/


For more info on where to find Bedrocks locally, check out our store locator.  

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