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Bedrock MTN Art Collection

  • 2 min read

Matt McAdow, Bedrock's Director of Ops and in-house artist, writes about our new MTN collection and our collaboration with artist Wyatt Hersey. 

For the just released Bedrock MTN Collection, we teamed up with Wyatt Hersey to create a Montana scene-scape inspired by the rivers, foothills, and mountains we Bedrock in. As Bedrock’s in-house box, sticker, Buff etc. doodler, I’ve enjoyed inking out scenes and graphics that capture the Bedrock spirit - all the landscapes, activities, and moments we seek out in our sandals. In the last few years I began to get excited about seeing other artists take on illustrating all things Bedrock.

Person wearing Bedrock MTN Buff

I first spotted Wyatt’s art years ago via a mural in Point Reyes Station and was immediately drawn into his playful use of color, shape, and subject to create a captivating mural. Later, I came across more of Wyatt’s intricate illustrations online and connected the dots. Fascinated by his illustrations of places I love (Mt. Tam, the Marin Headlands, and his National Park Series), I took a mental bookmark to reach out later about a Montana + Bedrock MTN scene-scape for new shirts and the comeback of the Bedrock Buff.

Person wearing Bedrock MTN Shirt in Falcon Gray

With ideas of day hiking, bikepacking, unique river rocks, geologic forms, mountain foothills, anthropomorphic Bedrockers, and general outdoor summer leisure, as well references to illustrations of his we really enjoyed, Wyatt came up with several ideas that eventually turned into the Bedrock MTN scene-scape you see here!

Bedrock MTN Art Wyatt Hersey

Wyatt’s words on the illustration and creation process: “I always love working on these more detailed Where's Waldo-esque pieces because they're just fun! Creating the framework of a landscape and filling it in with whimsical characters and plants and animals satisfies my desire to be playful in my creativity while also communicating a feeling I often have in nature: the feeling that I'm in the context of something much greater than myself and that I'm part of an immensely diverse web of life. After seeing Matt’s work covering a Bedrock box last fall in Moab I knew I’d found an artistic brother. His work has a similar feel, loose, playful and very focused on people connecting to the outdoors. I became an immediate fan and felt connected to what he was doing as an illustrator. Less than a year later I had the surreal experience of opening my inbox to a message from him asking if I wanted to work together. Moments like this make the world feel small in a really beautiful way.”

Bedrock MTN T Shirt in Mushroom Tan on person riding bike

Grab a Tee or a Buff® and celebrate your favorite Bedrock Sandal wearing missions this summer and visit Wyatt’s website or instagram to see more of his work.

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