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Bedrock Community Stories 2020

  • 6 min read

We decided to change up our annual customer survey this year with a Bedrock story and testimonial contest. We picked our top two favorites and three runners up. Ranging from foot health recovery to re-finding the perfect adventure sandal, read below for inspiration from the Bedrock Community.


I've been wearing Bedrock sandals quite literally every day for the last three years. Having had bilateral tailor's bunions, any and all closed-toed shoes caused me enormous amount of pain. The only thing that felt comfortable was my Bedrocks because not only did they not interfere with my bunions, they allowed my feet to be feet, undoing the years of damage from wearing poorly fitted, conventional footwear. Since Bedrocks’ soles are flexible, minimally supportive and lied completely flat, they awoken my feet muscles, straightened my posture and made my body strong from the ground up. I wore them EVERYWHERE - work, gym, hikes, vacations abroad, even questionable formal events. In the winter, I wore them with toe socks. Whenever anyone asked, I’d say I had “feet problems”, but if I were being honest it was because I got so used to such high levels of comfort that it became hard to wear anything else.

As an unexpected result, I am now completely free from chronic foot ailments such as corns and plantar fasciitis. I did end up having corrective bunion surgery half a year ago, but continued wearing Bedrocks as my go-to recovery shoes. It is an understatement to say that these sandals made a difference in my life. I am so grateful to have discovered Bedrock, and hope for their continued success in creating shoes that help others as it has helped me. I’ve included one of my favorite vacation photos of me wearing Cairn Adventure Sandals on a riverboat in Vietnam.




My Bedrock story began as an "other-sandal-brand" story (I know, I know, bear with me) which began as a lost set of flip-flops story...But I’ll keep it short. One night I lost my flops and decided that never again would I deal with that horse-hockey. So I ordered myself a set of bulky brown leather sandals and started wearing those pretty much exclusively. I loved the security I had they’d never fall off my feet. They were a conversation starter on nights out, and probably a bit of a deterrent as well. But I loved them. Or at least, I thought I did.

I enjoyed my "other-sandal-brand" sandals so much I recommended them to all of my friends, coworkers, and random strangers I met. At this point, it helps to know that I’m in the military. And while I’m not in Special Warfare, several of my friends are. One of my closest friends was about to deploy to a pretty dangerous area, and he grabbed a set of sandals before he left. He wore them a ton on deployment, did some pretty cool stuff while wearing them, and was an "other-sandal-brand" guy like me. Until he wasn’t.

Fast forward about 6 months and my buddy is about to deploy again. A group of us get together (including my then-girlfriend, now wife and I, and his then-girlfriend, now-fiancé and him) for dinner at a restaurant in San Diego. At one point I ask him if he’s taking his "other-sandal-brand" on this deployment, and his response is, “Oh dude. Forget the em, we have moved on. I just picked up a set of Bedrocks.” And explained to me the minimalist sole, adjustable straps and thonged front strap. I was intrigued. Over the next several months I contemplated the switch. But when I would look at the site, there were no Bedrock Sandals in my size. And so I used that as an excuse and continued to live a false life.

Eventually I mustered up the courage in the late winter of 2018 to email your customer service e-mail and discuss the lack of larger size sandals. I received near IMMEDIATE feedback assuring me that size 14’s were going to be available with the new line of sandals about to come out. I suggested they be referred to as “Sasquatch Sizes” .... I got crickets. Well deserved crickets. I’m sure it’s getting crickets now. True to your word, you all pumped out some size 14 sandals and I couldn’t order them fast enough. As soon as the box came I tossed my old sandals in the dumpster, locked in my inner and back straps, and never looked back.

I haven’t hiked the entire PCT, the Appalachian, or made any serious summits in my Bedrocks. I’ve gone on some camping trips, day hikes and the like and they’ve never failed. Every flight I take, I’m in Bedrocks drawing looks of awe, confusion, and probably disgust from the less-cultured. But they are my go-to-shoe. I proposed to my wife while wearing them. When the dog has to go out late at night or early morning, it’s Bedrock time. Long drives, nights out, or an emergency where I have to be out the door quickly, I’m wearing my Bedrocks. And they remind me of a close friend, who has luckily come home from all of his deployments safely. And not least, they remind me of a darker time when an "other-sandal-brand" enveloped my feet and dragged me down, and of my growth out of that darkness as a human, as an adventure sandal wearer, and a disciple of the good word that is Bedrock Sandals.




I won a plate of cookies from my sister with your sandals. She gave them a look of disgust when they arrived, shiny and new, and said, "Those will never last." Oh yeah? How much do you want to bet? After 500 miles of roadwalk, 400 miles through unspeakable mud and mooses on Quebec mountains, and so much enjoyment, I had reached ~3800 miles on my ongoing hike. The sandals are still going strong, if a bit heavily worn on the soles... and I get a homemade plate of chocolate chip cookies the next time I visit her home. Take that, sister. Take that.




I found Bedrock sandals a year after my second American long trail thru-hike. I had hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in an "other-sandal-brand" and found them comfortable however they were far from the perfect sandal for all varieties of weather and trail conditions. I then hiked the Appalachian Trail in yet a different "other-sandal-brand" and found them to be clunky and far too strappy to be the ideal sandal for such an endeavor. In search of the perfect sandal for thru hiking I found Bedrocks and decided to give them a try. My first trek was along the Salkantay trek in Peru and I was beyond impressed with their ability.

My first pair of bedrocks accompanied me in the Italian Dolomites were steep rocky traverses didn't stand a chance, the Bedrocks performed and amazed many others along the trail. One woman in broken english chased after me and explained, "my god! You walk like an animal". I took this as the utmost compliment and then decided it was time to try them at a long trail. The Te Araroa of New Zealand became the same pair of Bedrocks new challenge. From the 90 mile beach to the dense forests, the Bedrocks handled and did so with minimalism and ease. I can easily say that through my experiences with sandals, the Bedrocks are hands down the BEST sandal on the market, there is no competition for there is nothing like them. I am so grateful to have found my forever sandal. Thank you Bedrockers and Congratulations on your move! The Bedrocks will be taking me on the Continental Divide Trail before long.




So I booked a last minute trip to Bali. I had 2 days before I had to jump on a plane to the tropical island. My younger brother always swore by them, and even though I get discounts with a few other companies, I decided to take the plunge. I placed my order with overnight shipping. I left a message on my order saying “ I need these by 12pm tomorrow otherwise please cancel my order”. I had to leave for the airport by 12:30pm. Tommy at Bedrock was great and got them to me by 10:30am! Taking a huge chance, I threw them on and it was the only pair of footwear that I had brought on this 12 day trip to Bali, which included over 85 miles of hiking. A volcano hike, a bunch of water crossings, and tropical forests. They held up so great, and are by far the most comfortable open toed footwear I own.


- James 


All Photos used with Courtesy of Authors.

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