Custom Shaped 1.0 Sandals

Do your feet not fit our standard sizes? We are happy to build you custom sized 1.0 version Bedrock Sandals based off your unique foot tracings.
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Bedrock Sandals manufactures custom sized sandals based off the exact dimensions of customer's feet. Custom sized sandals are only available in our Bedrock 1.0 design. Bedrock 1.0 sandals are the same as 2.0 except they do not have our Ballistic Footbed or Granite Grip Straps.

For more information about how to trace your feet for your custom sandals and fill out our new Bedrock Custom Sandal Questionnaire - visit our Custom Sandals Page.

Earthquake 1.0 - Our bare, original footbed with the Earthquake 6mm Vibram Sole.

Syncline 1.0 - Our bare, original footbed with the Syncline 8mm Vibram Sole.

Once you place order send us the following to

1. Custom Bedrock Sandal Foot Tracing

2. Bedrock Custom Sandal Questionnaire


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