Custom Bedrock Sandals FAQ

Do your feet not fit our standard sizes? We are happy to build you custom sized 1.0 version Bedrock Sandals based off your unique foot tracings.


1. Visit the Customs Sandal Product Page and add sandals to cart before checking out!

2. Upon order completion, fill out our Bedrock Custom Sandals Questionnaire. Download, answer questions, and email to Download Questionnaire Here.

3. Create your Custom Bedrock Sandals foot tracing. Either scan and email into OR send the tracing to us via Snail Mail.


Please watch our short tracings video for guidance. Please note if you are scanning in your tracings and emailing them to us you must scan them into a computer with some sort of scale (ruler works best).

  • We use your foot tracings to make custom shaped Bedrock Sandals. Please use meticulous care and accuracy in tracing your feet. Highly accurate foot tracings will lead to better, closer fitting, custom sandals.
  • Trace both feet with pen/pencil perpendicular to paper.
  • Mark the beginning of the gap between big and second toe.
  • Mark each side of ankle at front.
  • Mail tracings to: Bedrock Sandals 760 Market Ave, Richmond, CA 94801
  • Scanned tracings: If you elect to scan and email in your tracings be sure to include a ruler for scale. Email foot tracing scans to us at
  • Note: We keep all tracings on file to make future custom orders a breeze.


To begin the process you must first place your custom sandal order through our web-store. Next you will need to submit your custom Bedrock Sandals foot tracing and custom sandal questionnaire form. Once that information is submitted it will take anywhere from 1-2 full business weeks to manufacture your custom Bedrock Sandals. Once manufactured we will ship them out to you. Please submit all custom foot tracings and custom sandal questionnaire forms to Please include your order number and name in the email header.

Sizing Chart