Whitewater? Mud? Meet your new sole mate, the Cairn Pro II.

From crag to campfire, Cairn is the modern adventure sandal.

Less is more when you wander in our most minimal sandals.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

Copy of Our Story

In 2011, Nick and Dan created the first Bedrock Sandal for themselves and friends while working river restoration jobs in Northern California. Our first design was an innovation to huarache style sandals for the outdoor minded wearer.

We spent the next eight years continuing to refine our sandals, making them more durable, adjustable, and capable. Along the way, we have lived in sailboats and vans, thru-hiked trails, and built sandals in cabins, forts, and garages. Now our HQ is located in Missoula, Montana as we continue in our experiment of creating the most dirtbagproof footwear.

We hope you'll strap on our sandals for many adventures to come, get them re-souled if need be, and keep on taking the trail as we thoughtfully design and test our newest answer to your adventure footwear needs.

Bedrock Sandals History

2011 - Nick and Dan launch the Bedrock Kickstarter and start building our classic sandals out of a cabin in Northern California.


2012 - We set up shop in Nick's home town garage in Virginia while refining our designs and manufacturing.


2014 - Bedrock moves back to the west coast and we operate out of a fort we built within a warehouse in Oakland, CA.


2015 - After Naresh and Dan thru-hiked the Te Araroa in NZ, the Bedrock team begins prototyping and testing the new Cairn Sandal line.


2016 - After much testing and innovation, Bedrock launches the now award-winning Cairn Sandal line.


2017 - Bedrock begins to rapidly grow online and into specialty retail stores in the USA.


2018 - Bedrock launches the Cairn 2.0 line and introduces the more supportive 3D footbed. 


2019 - Bedrock announces company move to Missoula, Montana - a small community-minded city in the Northern Rockies close to mountains, rivers, and wilderness.


We pair the best materials in the world with our unique designs to build ultra capable, durable, and repairable footwear. Our engineering department ensures our adventure sandals live up to the hype...and abuse.


Proudly USA assembled of the highest quality domestic and foreign parts sourced from around the world. 

Customer Service + Fun-fillment

Our tight knit customer service and fun-fillment team makes sure you get your Bedrocks on time so you can adventure with a big smile on your face for years to come.

Graphic + Art

Matt, our in house artist, has been adding authentic and inspired Bedrock artwork to our products and packaging since he began at Bedrock in 2016.

Bedrock Founder Bios


Nick is a designer and professional tinkerer who co-founded Bedrock and currently runs operations at Bedrock Sandals Headquarters. Nick has a love for all things simple, useful, and repairable and designs Bedrock Sandals with these very principles in mind. In 2011, Nick hand built many of our first 300 pairs of Bedrocks out of a friends cabin along the Lost Coast of California.

Nick lives simply with his small family and takes his Bedrocks on bikepacking adventures in the Southwest and Virginia. Nick believes deeply in environmental conservation and protection and heads up our giving to 1% For The Planet environmental non-profits. 


Dan is always hunting for new adventure and ways to improve our products and company. Currently Dan co-runs operations, marketing, and product development at Bedrock HQ. Dan finds passion in building the best adventure footwear as well as partnering with grassroots environmental non-profits through our 1% for the planet giving. 

Over the years, Dan has called home everything from a VW vanagon to a small sailboat. Along the way he has hiked the Te Araroa trail and bike toured through parts of the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest all the while testing new designs. Check out his latest adventure touring + surfing along California's Central Coast.

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