Earthquake Sandals: Ultra-Minimal

Ultralight, minimalist, and barefoot feeling outdoor footwear. Our lightest weight sandal comes equipped with a quality 6mm Vibram® sole that offers solid protection for those seeking the ultimate barefoot experience.

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Made to Order Lead Time: Bedrock Sandals are made to order in our Richmond, CA factory. The current lead time is 2-5 manufacturing days from time of order. 

The Bedrock Earthquake 2.0 is the most minimalist sandal we manufacture and uses the "orginal" Bedrock 6mm Vibram® Sole. Besides its sole thickness it is identical to the Syncline 2.0 sandal. The Earthquake Sandal is for those who want the barest and lightest of experiences from their Bedrocks. 

Excellent for super minimalist running or for use as an ultra lightweight backpacking camp and river crossing sandal. Consider the Syncline Sandal if you're willing to make a compromise on additional weight for added durability and rock protection.

Earthquake Sandals Stats: Thickness: 7mm, Weight Per Size 9 Sandal: 4.2 OZ, 100% Vegan Materials

Sizing: Bedrock sizing is unique, be sure to visit our Sizing Chart to find your perfect size. 

Video: Earthquake Sandal Product Video 

Giving Back to our Planet: We proudly donate 1% of your purchase to environmental non-profits!


The Earthqake 2.0 is exactly the same as the Syncline 2.0 sandal except the Vibram sole is 33% thinner and lighter. The Earthquake sandal is amazing for someone looking for the barest of experiences from a sandal while still getting some protection. For all around wear we reccomend the Syncline over the Earthquake Sandal for its exeptional durability, comfort, and strength.


Shipping Costs

USA: Cost ranges from $6-11 depending on location and number of pairs ordered. The Cairn ships via USPS Priority in our new 100% recycled boxes.

International: Cost ranges from $25-$50 depending on your country. This cost DOES NOT include import duties and taxes that may vary country to country.

Bedrock Sandals Europe: Bedrock Sandals are now available through our European distributor with discounted shipping and no duties. If you live in Europe, please order through Bedrock Sandals EU!

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