Whitewater? Mud? Meet your new sole mate, the Cairn Pro II.

From crag to campfire, Cairn is the modern adventure sandal.

Less is more when you wander in our most minimal sandals.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

Classic Sandals

Less is more when you wander in our most ultralight and minimalist sandals. 

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Hand Made in the USA: The Bedrock classics comes with an expanded rubber Vibram® Sole, recycled polyester webbing, and a simple yet effective strap system. Our classics are built for ultralight travel, barefoot-style running, and basecamp festivities.


Vibram® Sole:  Made from an expanded rubber Vibram® compound that is 9mm thick including our granite grip footbed.


1/2" Wide Recycled Straps: Densely woven stand-up strapping made from recycled polyester and lined with recycled bike tubes. We source recycled bike tubes from local bike shops and can sometimes leave washable marks on the skin.


Classic Sandals Stats: Average weight per size 9 sandal: 4.5 OZ, 100% Vegan Materials.


Giving Back to our Planet: We proudly donate 1% of your purchase to environmental non-profits!


Our sizing is unisex (e.g. size 9/10 is equivalent to size 9 for men, and size 10 for women.) Some Bedrockers find our sizes run slightly small, especially in our smallest sizes.


View/Download/Print our Classic Sandal Templates.

Follow these instructions to take care of your Bedrocks and maximize their life-span:


Avoid leaving your sandals in extreme heat (e.g. hot car) and intense direct sun exposure for durations (e.g. sunny porch). Our ultralight Vibram® sole material can warp/shrink if left exposed in these environments.


To clean your Bedrocks, handwash with a brush, water, and your favorite eco-friendly soap! Let them dry in a shaded environment or briefly in the sun. Do not machine wash. 

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    Taylor S.
    United States United States
    Great sandals and customer service

    I purchased the classic sandals about 3 weeks ago and could not happier with them. I originally selected the wrong size and emailed the bedrock team immediately about my error. They responded promptly and changed my order to the correct size prior to shipping. These sandals are great for everyday use and for barefoot/minimalist running. They are definitely minimal and take your feet a while to get used to if you are not used to zero drop/barefoot sandals. The strapping system is surprisingly secure and they seem to be very durable. I’m hoping these last me several years, but I will certainly be a repeat customer of Bedrock!

    Bedrock Sandals Classic Sandals ReviewBedrock Sandals Classic Sandals ReviewBedrock Sandals Classic Sandals Review
    United States United States
    Replaced my birks

    I bought these to replace my birkenstocks and they fit the bill perfectly. I wanted something minimalist, zero drop, with a heel strap, lighter than chacos.I actually thought I might be able to replace my chacos too but i wore this pair in a river and it flipped around a bit too much for my liking. So I wear these constantly for day to day. I also want to mention that the first time I wore them I walked multiple miles and didn’t get a single blister!

    United States United States
    Crazy Good Ground-Feel, Light as a Feather

    I wasn't too sure about these when I first got them on, but learning the strap system and discovering how big of a difference the subtlest of adjustments can be changed everything (which is exactly how my first experience with Cairns was 2-and-some years ago)... I'm in love with these. I was a bit worried about the rub at the sides of the foot but that turned out to be a nonissue, likely because they're so light. I honestly forget I'm wearing these quite often. The ground feel is incredible (it ought to be, there's little between you and the ground with these) and did I mention the weight. Bedrocks have become an obsession - I spent a literal decade and a half in Chacos and as of a couple months ago, I don't own any Chacos. I never wore them. Bedrocks are everything I wanted to them to be (this sounds ridiculous but it's true). I'm at a point that I'd like to "COLLECT THEM ALL!" sort of place, because I have these Classics, as well as a pair of 3D Cairns, and a pair Geos... Pretty sure I need to add a pair of Cairn Pro II to the mix for wet adventures (I don't at all, but I'd like to which is saying something). Of the Bedrocks I have, if I had to keep just one pair, it'd be the Geos because they strike the perfect balance between the Cairn and these Classic in my opinion. I'm not a huge fan of the 3D footbed in my particular pair of Cairns but I do appreciate it sometimes and it is much, much less aggressive (it's very subtle) than any other similar sandal footbed I've had my feet in. I prefer the zero-drop, non-3D footbed for certain. But all in all, as far as these Classics go, they're great and again I can't believe how light they are and still have a grippy Vibram sole. I'll never take another pair of flip-flops anywhere ever again.

    Bedrock Sandals Classic Sandals Review
    Canada Canada
    Great sandals!

    Great fit. Super comfortable. So good I ordered another pair. Excellent experience & communication.

    Canada Canada
    Good product; great customer service

    The fit is great, they are tough and light. I got excellent customer support figuring out the size to order. Very pleased. Maybe consider an app for scanning to size versus paper cut outs…?

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