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Sometimes you want a sticky situation. For wet and slippery missions, there’s Cairn 3D Pro, our ultimate adventure sandal outfitted with an extra-sticky Vibram® Megagrip outsole and our new molded footbed. 

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Our sizing is unisex (e.g. size 9/10 is equivalent to size 9 for men, and size 10 for women.) Some Bedrockers find our sizes run slightly small, especially in our smallest sizes.

View/Download/Print our Cairn Sandals Sole Templates.

Follow these instructions to take care of your Bedrocks and maximize their life-span:

  • For footbed's sake, do not leave your sandals in extreme heat (e.g. hot car) or intense direct sun exposure for durations ( e.g. sunny porch). Our ultralight Go Far Vibram® footbeds can warp if left exposed in these environments.
  • To clean your Bedrocks, handwash with a brush, water, and your favorite eco-friendly soap! Let them dry in a shaded environment or briefly in the sun. Do not machine wash. 
  • To keep your Velcro® heel-strap long lasting, use side buckle adjustment for every-day in and out, and occasionally remove grit and debris from heel-strap by scrubbing with a wire brush.

    The Cairn 3D PRO Custom Sole: Ultra Grippy and Adventure Capable

    • All Cairn 3D Pro Sandals are made with 100% vegan materials and construction.
    • Ultra-grippy, exclusive REGOLITH Bedrock x Vibram® sole made with Megagrip. 
    • Our new Geo-patterned footbed features macro pentagonal-grooves on the sole, providing excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, and more aeration power to keep your feet less sweaty.
    • At 16 mm base stack height under the forefoot, the new molded Cairn 3D Vibram® sole is a union of freedom and support. 
    • Zero Drop from toe to heel.

    Strap System: No-Slip Secure Fit.

    • Bedrock Sole Hugger design cradles feet with side-to-side support, keeping you stable in challenging conditions. Patent Pending.
    • Intelligent 3/4inch wide strap system with three independent adjustment zones for quick, secure fitting. Patent Pending.

    Premium Quality 

    • We spent years sourcing the best materials, so you can spend maximum time enjoying the outdoors. With exclusive Vibram® rubber soling, polyester and nylon webbing upper, metal and acetal plastic hardware, and US military-grade Velcro®, you’ll do just that.
    • Average weight 10.5 Oz per size 9 sandal
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    United States United States
    Only sandal I can wear!

    Awesome. Can’t live without em. :-)

    United States United States
    January Day Dreaming

    It’s cold outside in New York! I’m walking around house in my new Bedrock Cairn 3D Pros. I’m day dreaming of the spring when I can get them outside! They feel great on my feet and I can’t wait!

    Anonymous verified customer review of Cairn 3D PRO Adventure Sandals
    Maria P.
    United States United States
    Great Sandals

    I use them hiking and for parties! Love the look and the fit!

    United States United States
    Unusable in Wet Mud

    So there are probably 3 practical reasons why someone would want to hike in sandals instead of boots or trail runners: very hot conditions, very wet conditions, or very muddy conditions. These sandals perform very well in the first 2 categories, but they are not functional in heavy, slippery mud. Because of the way that the strap is designed to cut through the toes, when you begin hiking through mud (especially with elevation change), your foot begins to slip around in all directions, rendering the straps as more of a nuisance than support. If you have to walk downhill when there is now slippery mud between the bottom of your foot and the sandal, your entire body weight will shove your toe webbing between your big toe and pointer toe right into the nylon strap. After a couple of steep miles, it's inevitable you'll be bleeding. When it is not muddy, there is enough traction/friction between your foot bottom and the shoe face that your toe webbing is not driven into the strap. I would try to make a diagram of what happens and attach it to this review, but I think it's pretty easy to visualize. It is common that products originating from kickstarter have some design flaws, and these sandals were amazing when I was hiking in less muddy conditions. I'm sure that someone could thru-hike the entire AT in these with no problems since there wouldn't be much mud. In Hawaii, however, good luck on any tough, wet hikes. Considering muddy hiking is one of the ideal use-cases for sandals, I would consider this negligence a severe design flaw. That being said, I really love the sandals and hope that Bedrock will make a model with an alternate strap system that secures the foot laterally. I trusted these sandals in the pouring rain on lethal ridgelines since they were somehow more stable/better traction than my trail running boots. From my opinion, the construction, tread, vibram sole, and overall combination of these sandals is all but perfect and better than the competition. I purchased these because they are zero-drop as I'm sure others have. I hope that Bedrock can make a new style that keeps the same features but enables hiking in wet mud! Summary: Mud hiking is impossible in these! Please make a model with a different strap style but the same tread and barefoot/zero-drop style features! Would be 5 stars or more if they could be used in mud. Really banking on bedrock making an alternative because the overall construction and style is top-notch

    Matt M.
    United States United States
    The Best Outdoor Sandal on the Planet

    It took about 1-2 weeks of consistent wearing for me to get used to Bedrocks after wearing Chacos for so long. But, now...I can't believe I used to wear Chacos. They are so much heavier and uncomfortable versus the Bedrocks. These are honestly the best outdoor sandals that I have ever worn. They go with me on every adventure and are on my feet 100% of the time in summer. Love 'em!

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    Our sizing is unisex (e.g. size 9/10 is equivalent to size 9 for men, and size 10 for women.) Some Bedrockers find our sizes run slightly small, especially in our smallest sizes. To find your Bedrock Size please print our size outlines or consult or sizing chart below.