Whitewater? Mud? Meet your new sole mate, the Cairn Pro II.

From crag to campfire, Cairn is the modern adventure sandal.

Less is more when you wander in our most minimal sandals.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

Classic Sandals

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Less is more when you wander in our most ultralight and minimalist sandals. 

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Hand Made in the USA: The Bedrock classics comes with an expanded rubber Vibram® Sole, recycled polyester webbing, and a simple yet effective strap system. Our classics are built for ultralight travel, barefoot-style running, and basecamp festivities.


Vibram® Sole:  Made from an expanded rubber Vibram® compound that is 9mm thick including our granite grip footbed.


1/2" Wide Recycled Straps: Densely woven stand-up strapping made from recycled polyester and lined with recycled bike tubes. We source recycled bike tubes from local bike shops and can sometimes leave washable marks on the skin.


Classic Sandals Stats: Average weight per size 9 sandal: 4.5 OZ, 100% Vegan Materials.


Giving Back to our Planet: We proudly donate 1% of your purchase to environmental non-profits!


Our sizing is unisex (e.g. size 9/10 is equivalent to size 9 for men, and size 10 for women.) Some Bedrockers find our sizes run slightly small, especially in our smallest sizes.


View/Download/Print our Classic Sandal Templates.

Follow these instructions to take care of your Bedrocks and maximize their life-span:


Avoid leaving your sandals in extreme heat (e.g. hot car) and intense direct sun exposure for durations (e.g. sunny porch). Our ultralight Vibram® sole material can warp/shrink if left exposed in these environments.


To clean your Bedrocks, handwash with a brush, water, and your favorite eco-friendly soap! Let them dry in a shaded environment or briefly in the sun. Do not machine wash. 

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    Jerusha S.
    United States United States
    From “those” to “these”

    Loving the Anniversary Yellow color! If I’m not in my work boots, I’m in these!! Love ❤️ Bedrock Sandals!! If your not sure about them … you need to try them !! I have the classic , cairn sandals and the pros … awesome !

    Bedrock Sandals Classic Sandals Review
    A Bedrock Sandals Customer
    United States United States
    Good Enough

    I have had many minimalist shoes, most recently Xero Shoes sandals. These are okay. There is 3 different locations to adjust the foot position in the sandal and I found this kind of confusing at first. But after I got used to fitting it just right on my foot every time, I realized the reason I got so good at it was because this strap design comes loose ALL THE TIME. I'm constantly needing to adjust the strap on these sandals throughout the day and before I put them on for the first time because if I don't the part around the back of the heel will fall off and feel loose and uncomfortable. However, I will say the overall build quality seems like it should hold up a long time. I just wish I got the more expensive version with a better strap design.

    A Bedrock Sandals Customer
    Stella L.
    United States United States
    Instant Classics

    So. Good. These shoes are my new all-around. I love them.

    Kathy S.
    United States United States
    Great Sandals Thus Far

    I haven’t got to try them in the lake yet but I notice a way different tread than my Chacos; I have fell hard in those twice slipping on rocks the past couple of years; I also noticed the Chacos have an odor from either stagnant water or me but I have never had foot odor so I am hoping these Bedrocks won’t have either of those problems. I like the barefoot feel and they have been comfortable so far. I like the look of how they come through the soles and twist as well as the stripe on the brown and yellow ones I got. They have great reviews so I am hoping I have a great experience with them like many others have.

    United States United States
    Amazingly confortable and adaptable

    Best summer shoe purchase I havw ever done. These sandals are adaptable to your feet (even if it thickens with the heat). Very easy to walk in several terrains and can be used in semi formal settings. I would not doubt it once to get them again.

    Bedrock Sandals Classic Sandals Review

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