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Whitewater? Mud? Meet your new sole mate, the Cairn Pro II.

From crag to campfire, Cairn is the modern adventure sandal.

Gear up with everything from our original split-toe socks to multi-functional headwear.

Compare our different sandal models to find your best fit.

Find your unique Bedrock Sandal size.

Learn how to adjust your Bedrock Sandals.

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New Spring '22 Strap Colors & Apparel

Moss Green

Our Cairn sandals just got outfitted with a brand new strap color - Moss green! This earthy moss color in available on Cairn 3D Pro II and Cairn models.

Moss Green Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandals

Moss Green Bedrock 3D Pro II

Person walking on rock wearing moss green cairn adventure sandals


Our Classic Sandals, made right here in our Missoula, Montana shop now come in a brand new strap color - Plum. Bedrock classics are ideal for those seeking our most ultralight and barefoot-feelin' footwear.

Plum Bedrock Classics

Old Growth Green

The Cairn Geo line has a new strap color - Old Growth Green. This earthy green reminds us of dusty redwood needles in old growth forests. Old Growth Geo's are available in 3D and Flat footbeds. 

Cairn Geo Sandals Old Growth Green 

New Bedrock Apparel

Our new Bedrock MTN collection includes a new Buff® and two super quality T-Shirts that feature Wyatt Hersey's Montana mountain-scape art. The Buff® is a super versatile peice of headwear than can we worn 12 ways and is made in Spain. The USA Made tees come in Falcon Gray and Mushroom Tan and are screen printed down the street from our HQ in Missoula. 

 Person wearing Bedrock Sandals Buff

Bedrock Sandals T-Shirt


1 Response

Jeff Holbrook

Jeff Holbrook

May 19, 2022

Bedrock sandals are my go-to footware for nearly all of my adventures. I love the Classics and use the a lot while running roads and bike trails. When things get more off-road, I go for the Cairn Adventure Pro 2 sandals. I’ve summitted my last 20 ADK (Adirondack) High Peaks in them. I’ve tried a lot of different sandal models and brands. I like each for their unique attributes but when it comes to it, Bedrock Sandals are the best for me, especially when the terrain becomes more rugged, wet, muddy, and steep. The stick rubber Vibram soles on the Cairn Adventure Pro, Cairn Adventure Pro 2, and the Cairn Adventure Pro 3Ds are incredible. Keep up the great work. I have more “Re-souls” to send back but I want to get the new ones too. Thanks for being AWESOME! PEACE

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