Cairn Sandal: Behind the Development Scenes

May 31, 2016

Cairn Sandal: Behind the Development Scenes

The Cairn Sandal is on now Pre-Sale! Order during our special Pre-Sale period and be among the first in the world to receive our new Cairns with a big discount for waiting until mid - late July to get your pair. 

We started designing the Cairn Sandal when I got back from my New Zealand hike in late 2014. Over that 3 month long journey I realized that there were things I wanted to improve upon in the next generation of Bedrock Sandals. I wanted more stability, easier adjustments, and a footbed/outsole combo with better grip. 

That winter of 2014-2015 we met with the team at Vibram® and began discussing a new type of Bedrock X Vibram® custom sole that used sticky durable Vibram® rubber and custom grippy lugs. Over the course of 2015 and into 2016 we designed, prototyped, tested, and redesigned. We worked on perfecting our new custom Vibram® sole along with a new super secure strap system.

Throughout 2015 we tested our new sole and strapping system, with several sole redesigns and dozens of strap redesigns all based on our field testing and feedback. We are proud to report that the New Cairn design is dialed and totally adventure ready!

Now we are in the beginnings of producing our new Cairn Sandal! We are so excited to begin sharing them with you by mid to late this summer. Pre-Order them now for a very special limited discount.  

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