Primal Sandals


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Sizing Chart

Note: Standard sized primal sandals are currently unavailable due to machining complications. We can still accommodate custom sized primals. Please email for more information.

Primal (prai-mul)
1. Being first in time, original, primeval.

The Bedrock Primal draws inspiration from the all-natural footwear humans have worn since the dawn of time. The Primal uses a premium 5mm dense vegetable tanned leather sole - designed and constructed to fully mold to your feet and last for the long haul. Think cowboy boot meets huarache sandal. Built for minimalist running, hiking, traveling, and walking. The Primal leather sole begins it's life stiff - and with time, moisture, and wear the sole gains both flexibility and moldability. We buff the footbed with a special beeswax rub to protect the leather, give you extra traction, and make them smell amazing!

The Primal sole performs great across dry trails, roads, and all non-slick surfaces. On runs across sharp and rocky terrain, the Primal's dense sole leather acts as a rock plate protecting your feet from bruising. If you're looking for the best in traction across ultra slick rock and slippery man made surfaces consider our Earthquake Sandals or Syncline Sandals. Made in our small factory in Virginia, USA with quality materials and craftsmanship.  

  • 6mm Vegetable Tanned All Leather Sole
  • Comes with durable leather "Tie-it-Yourself" laces
  • Footbed buffed with Beeswax rub
  • (Out Of Stock) Optional pre-laced Olive Drab Earthquake Nylon Straps for those not seeking to tie their own lacing
  • Countersunk Thong Strap 
  • Size 9 Weighs 5.5 Ounces
Lacing Options

Standard Laces: Our standard 3/16" leather laces are both sturdy and comfortable. The Primals come with a set of 6 foot long laces that can be tied in a variety of styles. Check our How To Page for videos on lacing and tying the Primals.

Earthquake Quick Fit Straps (Out of Stock): The same nylon lacing system that comes on our Earthquake Sandal. Built with military grade nylon parachute straps, recycled bike inner tubing, and our patent pending buckle adjustment system. If you want the best in performance, comfort, and ease of use select the earthquake straps to accompany your Primal soles.

We design Bedrock Sandals to act as a second skin beneath your feet in order to achieve an authentic barefoot experience. Unlike conventional footwear, our sandals fit as closely to the outlines of your feet as possible. Please consult our sizing chart above to find your size.