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How to Adjust and Tighten Bedrock Sandals

Find your Standard Size

  • Measure foot from heel to longest toe in centimeters.
  • Please consult our sizing chart below

How to Strap in a Replacement Corded Toe-Strap

Foot Tracing for Custom Size

  • We use your foot tracings to make custom shaped Bedrock Sandals. Please use meticulous care and accuracy in tracing your feet. Highly accurate foot tracings will lead to better, closer fitting, custom sandals.
  • Trace both feet with pen/pencil perpendicular to paper.
  • Mark the beginning of the gap between big and second toe.
  • Mark each side of ankle at front.
  • Mail tracings to: Bedrock Sandals PO Box 23984 Oakland, CA 94623
  • Scanned tracings: If you elect to scan and email in your tracings be sure to include a ruler for scale. Email foot tracing scans to us at
  • Note: We keep all tracings on file to make future custom orders a breeze.

sandal profile
Step 1: Ankle Loop Adjustment
Push and pull webbing through side holes to tighten or loosen the ankle loop.
sandal overview
buckle adjust

Step 2: Buckle Use
Twist buckle to align with thong strap. Slide buckle up and down thong strap to adjust buckle position.

buckle tighten

Step 3: Finishing Up
Twist buckle to the inside of foot and pull the strapping tag end to tighten.