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How to Adjust and Tighten Bedrock Sandals


Find your Standard Size

  • Print off these outlines to see your ideal fit. Please note that you must change the print settings to print "Actual Size" instead of "Shrink to Size". Double check this by checking the measurements on the outlines. Give yourself 1 cm of space inside of the tracing to ensure a correct sole size
  • Sole Size Tracings

  • In general our sizing is true to size and can be compared lengthwise to Chaco sizing.
  • To find your exact size measure the length of your foot in centineters.
  • With your measured foot length please round up to the nearest size. Please consult our sizing chart below and note that the lengths on our chart are the ACTUAL sandal dimensions. We advise people to round up to the next nearest size to be sure to have a bit of sandal space in front of your toes and behind your heel.
  • Bedrock Sandals generally run true to sizes found across most footwear.

How to Strap in a Replacement Corded Toe-Strap


How to Order Custom Bedrock Sandals

Please visit our Custom Bedrock Sandals Page for further instructions.

How to Adjust Bedrocks (Graphic)


sandal profile
Step 1: Ankle Loop Adjustment
Push and pull webbing through side holes to tighten or loosen the ankle loop.

sandal overview
buckle adjust

Step 2: Buckle Use
Twist buckle to align with thong strap. Slide buckle up and down thong strap to adjust buckle position.

buckle tighten

Step 3: Finishing Up
Twist buckle to the inside of foot and pull the strapping tag end to tighten.