Bedrock Summer Photo Roundup!


We love our customers (you!) and the amazing photos you capture on your Bedrock Sandals adventures! We have rounded up a few of our favorites to share on our blog. Checkout these summertime captures and be sure to follow our Bedrock customers for inspiration!

Photo by: @amyohfotos

Photo by:  @Apalm510

Photo by: @enochcincotta

Photo by: @landonfaulknerphotography

Photo by: @chakravillage

Photo by: @wildlife_lari

Photo by: @rayyiuradziphoto

Photo by: @kagihara1

Photo by: @rjwarden

Photo by: @kakaashii 

Photo by:  @mobridge5

Photo by: @theratlzr

Photo by:  @slinlee

Photo by: @visitingtrunks

Photo by: @homeiswhereyoupitchit

Photo by:  @tstal16

Photo by: @longroadtonowhere

Photo by:  @humboldtslackers

Photo by: Peter Kirk

Bedrock 2015 Summer News! Company Expansion!

Photo by Bedrock Customer @haneef90! This is how excited we feel right now!Moving into our new Factory in Point Richmond, CA! This is the warehouse section of the new Fort Bedrock.Bedrock Sandals has grown steadily since our Kickstarter in 2011 and thanks to the amazing support (you!), we have nearly doubled our customer base year after [...]

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Thru Hiking Spain's El Camino Trail in Bedrock Sandals: Q&A with Zachary Bango

Bedrock Chief Experience Officer Naresh Kumar interviews Bedrock customer Zackary Bango about his recent completion of Spain's El Camino Thru hike in Bedrock Gabbros. Photos and words about Zach's experience below.Describe this adventure - what was your plan and what did you want to accomplish?I've always known that I'd do something grand after completing High School. [...]

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Lapiz Blue Straps Now Available (Limited)

Summer is here and the Bedrock Sandals Factory is bustling! To kick off Summer we have added a great strap color - Lapiz Blue - to the lineup. We only have have enough of this webbing color (only one spool!) to make a couple hundred pairs of Syncline and Earthquake Sandals. Order your pair of [...]

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Awesome Summer Gear Giveaway!

We've teamed up with some great brands to create a really amazing Summer Gear Giveaway. The prizes include a pair of Bedrock Gabbros, a Dagger Kayak, a titanium knife, and more! Visit Edgevale to enter to win this package! One winner will be randomly drawn on May 22nd :)

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Sky Blue Straps Available (Limited Quantity)

We are excited to release a super limited batch of Sky Blue straps! We have enough of this webbing to made around 50 pairs of Bedrocks. Sky Blue is now available on Syncline and Earthquake 2.0 Sandals. We will continue launching new colors in limited batches going into this summer.Happy Spring, Bedrock Nation!

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Today at Bedrock we're reflecting about just how little we all are in our awe inspiring world. Although little, however, our collective impacts to remote and populated places can be large. Take a moment today to appreciate all we have and how we can each help preserve it. This photo is taken by Bedrock Co-Founder, [...]

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Bedrock Spring News

Write your short Bedrock Sandal Product Review!Our new website has a great section for product reviews of all our sandals! We really need your help, please leave a thoughtful review of your go-to Bedrock Sandals model. You can write your review on the review tab - links below!Review Earthquake SandalsReview Syncline SandalsReview Gabbro SandalsSmall [...]

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Bedrock Sandals headed to Vibram's Shoe Museum

We are excited to announce that Vibram is placing a pair of our Bedrock Sandals in their soon-to-be opened Shoe Museum in Boston! We will post updates this spring and summer about when and where you can visit the museum and see Bedrocks there.

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Vote for Naresh Outdoor Wilderness Magazine Awards!

Bedrock Chief Experience Officer, Naresh Kumar, has been nominated by Wilderness Magazine as Outdoor Hero of the Year! Please Vote for Naresh on Wilderness Mag's website (voting ends March 13th). 

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